4 Smart Ways Of Choosing A Grow Tent

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Grow Tent

A grow tent is portable and built using a sturdy exterior with reflective materials inside. This gardening equipment provides an enclosed space with one or more grow lights and area to grow hydroponic indoor plants. Look for grow tents at Plant Sily and nourish your plants with ladybugs and natural fertilizers from www.planetnatural.com. There are heirloom seeds, eco products, and grow lights that can transform your hydroponic garden into a thing of beauty.

Allocate a convenient place in your garden to place grow tents. You have to make a quick estimate of the cost of accessories and ensure that the dedicated space is free of clutter. Remove objects like toys, rugs, paper and sharp objects that will not contribute to your garden’s growth. Whether you plan to grow a hydroponic garden or plant the seeds in the soil, calculate the space required for each plant. You must leave sufficient room to move around them.

Assign space to store fertilizers, nutrients, and sprays for plants. You might require grow bulbs, pruning equipment, and other gardening accessories. Store them inside a plastic bag to avoid a messy and unkempt look inside the grow area. Next, look for a convenient spot to plant the grow tent. If you are looking at the sun as a natural source of light for the plants, create a window or crawl space on top of the tent.

One size does not fit all
Once you decide the type of plants that will go inside the grow tent, you have to identify the right size of the grow tent for a conducive environment. When you buy a grow tent it must be tall enough to accommodate the maximum height of the plants. Leave an additional space so the plants do not wither due to the limited area.

Small Square Base – It measures 32 by 32 by 63 and is a good option to start small. The tent is fitted with sufficient venting spaces and you can grow two large plants that stand at a height of 4 to 5 feet from the top area of the grow pot. The presence of double line zippers ensures there are no light leaks ensuring complete darkness.

Other features of this grow tent is a pocket poach for access to pruning accessories, a sealed window to watch your plants, 3 beam roof supports and rectangular air vents for easy exchange of air. In addition to this, there are 5 duct ports for intake and 2 other ports for wires and cables.

Small Rectangular Base- This slim grow tent measures 48-inches wide, 24 by 60-inch tall. With this type of grow tent, you can plant three large plants or 8 small plants like herbs. Other features include 3 duct ports measuring 6-inches, 3 air vents to control humidity, a pocket pouch, sealed window and 2 front doors.

Medium Rectangular Base
This grow tent measures 48 by 48 by 78 and is large when compared to other grow tents. Use the space inside to grow 4 full- size plants or 16 small sized plants that do not exceed 2 feet in length. It includes common features like a beam roof support, side doors and a sealed window in addition to the ducts.

This has turned out to be the most popular choice when it comes to a grow tent as space inside is sufficient to grow medium-sized plants. You will still be left with space to move around and tend to the blooming beauties. The presence of two side doors is an added advantage as it helps you work on the plants without heading to the front.

Large Rectangular Base
If you plan to take up gardening seriously, this is the recommended grow tent for your garden. The vast area inside can accommodate 8 tall plants and 25 small sized plants. The presence of extra ducts permits customization of the tent with fans and carbon filters.


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