A Simple Guide To Epilating

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It is every woman’s dream to enjoy a smooth and supple body devoid of unwanted hair. There are many ways to achieve this both temporary and permanent. Shaving or epilating the skin to remove unwanted hair is left to the choice of the woman. Epilating offers long lasting effect in comparison to shaving. Read some epilator reviews to understand why it is gaining in popularity. Your one stop destination for all women related matter; www.glamour.com unveils the secrets of choosing the right epilator. Listed below are some of the benefits you would want to consider while opting for epilating hair from your body.

Long lasting
Epilation removes hair from the roots and takes longer time for the hair to regrow. After epilation, it takes about a month’s time for your hair to resurface. In comparison with surface hair removal procedures like shaving and hair removal creams, this delivers a better result. Another advantage is the hair that resurfaces is soft and fine.

Epilator for different body parts
Epilator is not just restricted to legs as it comes with different attachments to give you superior results. Though, the machine is not used for the face and bikini region as women prefer waxing for facial hair removal and shaver for the bikini area.

Suitable for sensitive skin
Women with sensitive skin can opt for epilation. Since the hair is not plucked directly, there is minimal effect on the skin. Moreover, it is suitable for cold and dry regions where skin irritation is common.

Less noticeable hair
Since the hair is removed from the roots the time taken for the hair to regrow is more, and the resurfaced hair is soft when compared to hair growth after a razor shave. The speed at which the hair resurfaces varies depending on the hair growth cycle, and in the following sessions, less hair needs to be removed.

Gentle epilation
Though, epilator removes hair from the root it causes less discomfort. Opt for the wet epilation system as it is free from pain. The massaging roller stimulates the skin and removes any chances of pain. Clinical research has proven that wet epilator leaves less or no pain.

More effective
Waxing also may remove hair from the roots, but it is far less inferior when compared to epilation. Waxing presses the hair flat onto the skin and when removed causes pain. The epilator loosens the hair and lifts it easily from the skin. Moreover, short hair is removed effectively and within a short duration. This ensures that epilation leaves your skin soft for a long time when compared to waxing. Moreover, there is no allergic reaction or risks involved. Redness of the skin may occur, and this can be treated by applying cold water or moisturizer to the skin where the hair was removed. For severe allergies it is advised to contact the doctor.

Many women across the globe are embracing epilators and are enjoying the benefits of a smooth and glowing skin. Check the reviews before buying an epilator.


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