Best Biometric Wall Safe – Features And Review

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When thinking about safety and keeping important documents and materials safe, nothing is better than a biometric safe. Here the AX12408 Barska Biometric Wall Safe is reviewed extensively along with a description of its details. As per a recent article in forbes.com biometric security is safer than using generic pins and passwords just so that one can remember them. Though biometrics have been a concept that humans have had a lot of time to be familiarized with due to movies and TV shows when it comes to using them the idea is still novel. Biometric safes and devices have just come into the mainstream and potential customers wonder if they provide enough protection. Another question is whether they are worth the investment.

So without further ado here are some of the benefits one gets with a biometric wall safe. The safe is battery operated and needs 4 AA batteries to work. The safe has a nice compact size with a height of four inches and a width of fifteen inches. The small size ensures that the wall safe can be easily camouflaged.  It can be hidden behind mirrors, wall painting, frames and false doors.  There is a biometric closure which uses an innovative technology that is so radical and groundbreaking that it can recognize more than a hundred unique fingerprints. As a backup and fail-safes, the wall safe comes with an override system. This system was put into place as plan B in times when the batteries might fail. The override is a small electrical box that will use AA batteries. This box is then plugged into the scanner to provide the needed current to the biometric safe.

To make the biometric wall safe further used friendly it comes with a two point deadbolt system. There are two keys provided along the safe, in case the fingerprint doesn’t work. The key-hole itself is ingeniously hidden behind the brand name tag which needs to be removed using a wrench before use. The wrench is also provided along the safe. Installation of the wall safe is simple, all one needs is a 15 to 16-inch backspace and about four inches of depth. Programming the lock is straightforward. One just needs to press the given button behind the lock which in turn will initiate a beep. Place a finger on the scanner after the beep and leave it in place till a double beep is heard. Test the lock after the print has been set to ensure the wall safe works in the correct mode. If the test is successful, the biometric wall safe is not functional and ready to use. A point to consider here is that for cases of emergency, a Factory Mode was built in the safe. When in the mode the wall safe will accept any fingerprint to open the lock

The true beauty of the safe is obviously the biometric lock. Since only a fingerprint can open the lock, it ensures no hacking of the safe using stolen passwords or keys. One doesn’t even need to remember the passwords, as is the case with keypad safes. The drawbacks of a traditional pin or password safe are absolutely removed in biometric locks. Another plus of the wall safe is the adequate space.


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