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Introduction Hair loss is the loss of hair from various parts of the body and mainly from the head. The hair loss may involve a small body part or a big part of the body. This condition is also referred to as baldness or alopecia. We have various types of hair loss and they include female-pattern hair loss, male-pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, and many others. The results of Lipogaine is tremendous for people suffering from hair loss, it contains a formulated solution which checks hair loss.

Causes of hair loss The causes of hair loss normally depend on the type of the hair loss. The male-pattern hair loss is usually caused by a combination of some male hormones and some genetic factors while the cause of female-pattern hair loss is also associated with the hormonal system of the female bodies. Alopecia areata is normally caused by autoimmune. we have some other minor causes of hair loss and they include some diseases such as HIV/AIDS, the process of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, lupus erythematosus, hypothyroidism, some fungal infections, and malnutrition. In malnutrition, lack of enough iron in the body is the major cause of the hair loss.
Symptoms of hair loss Some symptoms of hair loss include having a lot of dandruff in your hair, having some circular patches in your head, having some skin lesions, and many other symptoms. People who have alopecia areata at its mid-level may also have some abnormal hair loss such as losing some hairs of the eyebrows or the hairs at the backside of the head.
Effects of hair loss Hair loss has very many negative effects in our lives. some of these negative effects include the following:
It causes some psychological stress. Somebody who has a serious hair loss problem may appear funny to the others due to the many patches in his or her head. Many people may fear to interact with him or her freely and this makes this person feel being very low. This brings some serious psychological stresses to this the person suffering from the effect of hair loss and also lowers his or her self esteem.
Hair loss causes excess production of sebum and this sebum accumulates in the scalp. This is known cause growth of very thin hairs to the victim.Hair loss also distorts the shape of the head and the general appearance of the victim.
People suffering from hair loss may appear to have distorted heads or have some funny appearances in the parts affected.
Treatment of hair lossWe have many methods which have been used to treat the condition of hair loss. The major methods include:
Surgery. This is done under local anaesthetic and the surgeon moves the healthy hair from the other sections to the regions where we have hair thinning. this process takes like eight hours or less.
Hypothermia caps. These may be used to treat hair loss in times of chemotherapy, especially in children.
Medications. We have various types of drugs which are given to treat hair loss. These drugs include finasteride, dutasteride, and minoxidil.
Lipogaine. This is a modern medicine which has been manufactured with the modern technology to eliminate the problem of hair loss completely. It contains minoxidil and many other ingredients to make its performance more efficient. Lipogaine is designed to be used by both men and women and has been trusted by most people in the world due to its exemplary performance in fighting the hair loss. It is very effective and its affordable to most people with the problem of hair loss.
ConclusionHair loss is a problem with many people in the world and it has very many negative effects to these people. People should avoid the problem of hair loss as much as possible and in case you get the problem, you should look for treatment. People should prefer drugs to surgery since surgery may have some other bad effects in the future and it’s very risky. The people suffering from hair loss should use Lipogaine which has been tested and proved to be the best remedy to hair loss in the modern world.


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