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An amateur blogger or startup is always counting pennies. There is a fund, but they only go so far. So when it comes to the website of the blog priorities become critical. Only a limited amount of resources can be allocated to the site up and run. The good news is as a beginner, the blog or the site need not be large. It is the content that attracts the reader and not the size itself. But one still needs the best WordPress hosting firm possible within the bracketed budget. Choosing some of the best hosting sites for wordpress is the best option.

Being a novice and beginner means to look and find for more cost effective ways to run the blog. The https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ offers some ways to boost the traffic to your blog and increase the security while keeping the limited resources in mind. One of the ways to inexpensively start a blog or a website is to use a Shared WordPress Hosting. In shared web hosting a single server is used to provide multiple website pages with each with its internet domain name. Because the same server is used by some website or blogs, the cost of hosting decreases dramatically. For startups or small blogs, a shared web hosting provider is a good deal. But this less expensive way to create an internet presence does not work for sites which will have a high amount of traffic. A blog that sees a lot of traffic needs a dedicated server.

The obvious advantage of shared hosting is the price attached to it. The cost is significantly lower than WordPress hosting because one is sharing a server and hardware resources of that server with some websites. For reference, the cost for a month of the top WordPress hosting equates to eight months of shared hosting. When the blog is not generating any revenue, saving becomes an important issue. With the technical maintenance of the server is being handled by someone else, it saves time and a lot of headaches. This makes shared hosting even more appealing.

Some other advantages of shared hosting that sweeten the pot are excellent support. Because some sites use the same server, creating a good customer support makes for a viable business decision. Shared WordPress Hosting providers also tend to have a user-friendly dashboard. This means a new blogger have no trouble catching up the reins. With one click installs, the process is made simple enough for even the most technologically challenged. The worry over what happens when the site shows an increase in traffic is also easily resolved because shared web hosting offer easy migration plans which help in scaling.

There are some expensive WordPress hosting services out there. They are heavily recommended. But when cost is a very relevant factor, a managed hosting is not the need of the hour. For a new blogger, who is not going to create any profit anytime soon, budgeting is key. Using a shared web hosting service can go a long way in saving necessary funds. There are some decent shared hosting options available easily.


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